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Jesse Lynn Rucilez Author Resume

January 2, 2017



Jesse Lynn Rucilez was born in Reno, Nevada. Growing up, Jesse was an avid reader of Sherlock Holmes stories and Marvel Comics. Throughout his life, Jesse has mainly worked in the security industry, both in Seattle, Washington and Reno, Nevada, and taught self-defense for several years before deciding to focus on writing. Inspired by authors such as Harlan Ellison, Stephen King, and Kurt Vonnegut, he prefers to write literary horror and science fiction, exploring what he calls “the dark side of the American Dream.”

Death of a Hacker (Mystery, 247 words), 2013, Included in The Darwin Murders e-book anthology (Editors: Candace C. Bowen/Paul De Lancey).

Meal of A Lifetime (Horror, 3,188 words), 2015, Empty Sink Publishing (Editor: Suanne Schafer).

Epicenter (Science Fiction, 3,119 words), 2016, Empty Sink Publishing (Editor: Suanne Schafer), Pushcart Prize Nominee.

Reprint: 2018, The Rye Whiskey Review (Editor: John Patrick Robbins).

Blood & Stuffing (Fantasy, 3,561 words), 2016, Orcs Unlimited (Editor” Pat McNary). Original fiction based on The Escape From Teddy Bear Island RPG.

In Spite of Her Will (Literature, 2,034 words), 2017, The Borfski Press (Editor: Shawn Hatfield).

Lucifer In High-heels (Literature, 1,892 words), 2017, Ramingo’s Porch (Editor Mendes Biondo).

Reprint: 2018, The Dope Fiend Daily (Editor: Scot Simmons).

Delirium Tremens (Horror, 3,765 words), 2018, Anotherealm Online Literary Magazine (Editor: Gary Markette).

Ashes & Embers (Mystery/Fantasy, 6,630 words), 2018, Orcs Unlimited (Editor: Pat Mcnary). Original fiction based on characters and concepts from the Small Wardens RPG.

Blurring The Edge (Literature, 4,593 words), 2018, Ramingo’s Porch (Editor: Mendes Biondo).

As If Nothing Ever Happened (Literature, 460 words), The Rye Whiskey Review (Editor: John Patrick Robbins).

What Came Over Her (Horror, 3,135 words), The Abyss E-zine (Editor: John Patrick Robbins).

Betrayal (Poem/Novel Excerpt, 262 words), The Rye Whiskey Review (Editor: John Patrick Robbins).

Precious Time (Horror, 5,470 words), The Abyss E-zine (Editor: John Patrick Robbins).

Midnight Snack (Horror, 3,181 words), The Abyss E-zine (Editor: John Patrick Robbins).

Once You Get To Know Him (Literature, 2,457 words), 2018, The Borfski Press (Editor: Shawn Hatfield).

Pentecost (Literature, 2,195 words), 2018, The Rye Whiskey Review (Editor: John Patrick Robbins).

Equation (Flash/Science Fiction, 954 words), 2019, Idiot Free Zone (Editor: Jose Rosa).

PRO-T-EN Man (Science Fiction, 4,471 words), 2019, Unlikely Stories (Editor: Jonathan Penton).

A Meeting of Monsters (Horror, 4,455 words), 2019, The Abyss Ezine of Horror (Editor: John Patrick Robbins)

Death Of A Hacker (Short Story)

July 30, 2014

“So…you fancy yourself a master hacker, eh?” the man in the black coat sneered. In fact, he wore all black; from his Gucci shoes, to his Brooks Brothers tie, to his shiny gloves. All black, all business.

And in his hands he held a very large black gun.

No, sir!” Ian Ronald Sipkowitz replied, cringing in fear. “I-I was just havin’ a little fun! I didn’t mean anything…”

And so he hadn’t. With no job, rich parents, and plenty of free time, Ian spent most of his days sitting in front of his computer, having a great time with what he called his “signals reconnaissance” software. He liked to collect passwords for everyone on his block, causing all kinds of mischief with their accounts. It amused him, gave him something to do.

But today, when he’d hacked an e-mail account titled JLR_4141 and sent out mass spam to all of its listed contacts, he figured the owner would just reset the password and forget about it.

How could he have known it would be traced back to him?

When the first bullet came, he’d been sitting on his couch, feet up, watching T.V. Then the front door swung open, and in walked the man in black. With an attitude.

“You’ve compromised a very important mission with your nonsense, Mr. Sipkowitz, and now you must pay!”

Ian recoiled. “NO! WAIT! PLEA–”



 And as he left, the assassin fired a round into the T.V. for good measure.

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“Death of a Hacker” was included in The Darwin Murders e-book anthology, published by Candace Bowen and Paul DeLancey.

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