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Review For My Novella: Bobby’s Fight

October 15, 2016

bobbys-fightHello, everyone. Just wanted to share this awesome review from an Amazon user regarding my novella: “Bobby’s Dream:”

In his novella, “Bobby’s Fight”, Jesse Lynn Rucilez delivers an exciting glimpse into the adult life of Bobby’s childhood bully, Clint Gault, as a continuation to the haunting story “Bobby’s Dream.” During part of the account, Rucilez uses his own knowledge of martial arts to skillfully transport the reader into Gault’s UFC style fight. Throughout the match, the author creates realistic and expertly choreographed scenes. For those readers who enjoy a good narrative, the tale features genuine characters, literary themes, artfully crafted descriptions and a distinct writing style. Last but not least, it is an entertaining and thought provoking story about how a little boy’s powers changed a life.

Bobby’s Fight is available in paperback and digital formats here:

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