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Living The Nightmare Official Page!

March 14, 2018













Seattle, Washington: a lonely addict, down on his luck and desperate to score, finds himself in utter turmoil. A drug deal gone bad, with both his life and his sanity hanging in the balance.

Stark City, Oregon: a lonely birthday celebrant, drunk and enraged, calls out to the devil for vengeance against his soon-to-be-ex-wife. A wish with dire consequences—especially when uttered on All Hallows’ Eve.

Two lost souls who find themselves living the nightmare.

This novella-length book contains the stories: “Freeway Park,” and “A Messy Divorce.” Both dark and haunting explorations of the so-called American Dream. Don’t miss these two tales of suspense and terror by Jesse Lynn Rucilez, author of Bobby’s Dream and Bobby’s Fight.

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Announcing “Death’s Avenger!”

September 23, 2017


Hey, everyone! I’m excited to announce that my latest project: “Death’s Avenger,” is now live!

Here’s the description from the “Death’s Avenger” page:

Death’s Avenger is the continuing adventures of morbid superhero, Blaine Myers; also known as “Corpse-Man,” and “Bones” by the criminal underworld of Stark City, Oregon.

Cruelly chosen to be an avatar of Death Itself, Blaine was once an ordinary man leading an ordinary life. Now, wielding dark forces almost beyond his control, he has no choice but to kill, and targets those who prey on the weak.

But in the struggle to appease Death while salvaging what’s left of his waning humanity, Blaine has an even worse problem: a modern-day necromancer named Mortimer Trench.

And Trench–as ruthless as he is dangerous– will stop at nothing in order to steal the dark powers Blaine possesses…

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