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IMGRPSYS Official Page!

July 30, 2019


Are you a tabletop role-playing enthusiast who’s looking for something new and unique? Perhaps a bored Game Master with ideas for your own setting? Well, look no further! The Innovative Multi-Genre Role-Playing System is for YOU! Within a rank-based framework that incorporates the standard set of gaming dice, characters resolve actions through contested rolls for a dynamic, flexible, realistic, and fun gaming experience. The IMGRPSYS Basic Rules are suitable for high fantasy, steampunk, cyberpunk, space opera, superhero, horror, and any type of campaign that you and your gaming group can dream up!The future of role-playing games has arrived, and it’s called: IMGRPSYS!

Available in paperback @

Available for download in the Amazon Kindle Store @

My Response To Apricity Magazine

December 27, 2018


In mid-July of 2018, I submitted a short story to Apricity Magazine. I didn’t receive any email confirmation, and didn’t hear back from them for five months. When I did, it was a rejection, and it came on December 24, 2018; Christmas Eve.

As any serious short story writer knows, rejections are part of the game. They’re never a welcome thing, of course, and depending on how the rest of your life is going, can often be downright depressing. And if, like me, you send out lots of submissions, then, like me, you’ve probably experienced getting more than one rejection on the same day. It’s a horrible feeling. I call it the ol’ one-two punch. So at first, this rejection didn’t bother me too much. But the more I thought about it, the more I began to realize that sending a writer a rejection on a major holiday is a terrible thing for an editor to do.

Now, here I must explain that I’m not really sentimental around the holidays. Mostly, they’re just an annoyance. But the majority of people in our society do get sentimental around Christmastime, which I’m sure includes a great many writers. I can imagine how disheartening it would be for a writer who’s looking forward to a warm and happy Christmas to get a rejection on a day like Christmas Eve. And what about those writers who’re prone to depression around the holidays for one reason or another? I know from experience how it feels to get a rejection when you’re already depressed about life. It’s terrible. So the more I thought about it, the angrier I got.

That’s why I decided to write a letter expressing my thoughts to Apricity Magazine.

At this point, I have to stress that I’m not so obtuse that I can’t see the situation from Apricity’s point of view. I’m sure the editors have been working hard to finalize the details for the next issue of their magazine, which includes the unfortunate task of sending out rejection emails to authors who’ve submitted to them. I’m further sure that they wanted to get the last of their emails sent off before Christmas, when they’d be home and spending time with their loved ones. I’m sure—at least, I hope—that they were too busy to stop and think about how authors might feel about getting rejections on Christmas Eve. And I’m equally sure that I wasn’t the only author who got one that day.

So, yes, I can understand. Editing and publishing a magazine isn’t an easy job, and sometimes to get a job done you have to be a bit coldhearted.

Still, that’s no excuse. My reasoning for saying this is, after spending months sorting through the stories, the chore of sending out rejection emails could’ve easily been put off for a couple days. All it takes is a bit of conscientiousness to stop and say, “Wait a minute. Maybe rejecting an artist’s work on Christmas Eve isn’t the best thing to do for obvious reasons.”

It would also be disingenuous of me not to admit that writing a letter to an editor after a rejection is considered very unprofessional. Some of the websites I visit when researching places to submit even have disclaimers specifically asking writers not to do that, which I can also understand. I’m sure a lot of writers out there don’t take rejection well, and probably respond with some very angry and crude messages. All of which is to say that I didn’t undertake this task lightly. I gave it some serious thought. But in the end, I decided that it had to be done.

Fellow writers of the world, I wrote this letter for all of us.

Hello, Apricity Magazine.

Earlier today, I received a rejection email from your publication regarding my short story: “Pentecost.” Unfortunately, I deleted the email, so I’m unable to respond directly to the editor. I sent that submission in July, which was five months ago. So your magazine waited FIVE MONTHS, only to reject my story on CHRISTMAS EVE?

I’ve put up with a lot of BS from publishers over the years, but this will not stand. There’s no reason why you couldn’t have waited a couple days before sending out that email. Christmas is a time when most people are spending time with family, trying to be positive about life. Many people struggle with mental health issues during this time. Authors are artists, and sensitive about their work; so sending a rejection on Christmas Eve of all days is one of the most insensitive things I can imagine a publisher doing to an author. It’s like spitting in someone’s face just before sucker punching him/her in the gut.

Now, I’m well acquainted with the harsh realities of the publishing world, blah-blah-blah. You still did an unnecessarily heartless thing. As for me, I’m a bit of a Scrooge, so make no mistake: I’m writing this letter not for me, but on behalf of all of the other writers in the world who have to tolerate this sort of treatment. It leeches the joy out of the very act of writing.

So in conclusion, allow me to say that I’ll never dream of submitting to you people ever again, and I’m going to make sure that all of my author friends—as well as everyone who subscribes to my various blogs, social media pages, content channels, etc.—know about this, and know how you treat writers.

Enough is enough, and it’s time that we authors let our voices be heard.

Luckily, there’s a happy ending here. In that five month interim, “Pentecost” was published by The Rye Whiskey Review @

Thanks for reading.


Interview @ The Dope Fiend Daily

October 8, 2018


Hey, everyone! Here’s the link to my rather bizarre interview with the editor @ The Dope Fiend Daily:


Thanks to everyone who continues to support my work.


Call For Submissions @ The Abyss E-zine!

July 21, 2018


Okay, everybody. By request of my friend, fellow author, and editor, John Patrick Robbins, this is a call for submissions to the newly arrived Abyss E-zine of horror and dark literature! Send him your darkest poems, prose, and artwork. It’s a non-paying market, but Mr. Robbins will promote your work, and as an author himself, he knows how to treat writers!

Submission guidelines here:

Good luck!


Once You Get To Know Him Has Been Accepted By The Borfski Press!

July 6, 2018

Update: “Once You Get To Know Him” was accepted for The Borfski Press Issue #4!”

“Thank you for your interest in The Borfski Press. We enjoyed reading your story very much, and we were thrilled that you decided to submit to our magazine again. That said, we would like to publish “Once You Get To Know HIm” in the fourth issue of The Borfski Press Magazine. Congratulations!”

Read an excerpt here:

Thanks to everyone who continues to support my work!


Ramingo’s Porch Issue #3 (Promo Vid)

June 2, 2018

Hey, everyone! Here’s a promo vid I made for Ramingo’s Porch Literary Magazine Issue #3:

Thanks for watching!


Ramingo’s Porch Issue #3

May 29, 2018

Hello, everyone! I’m proud to announce that Ramingo’s Porch Literary Magazine Issue #3, featuring my short story: “Blurring The Edge,” is now available for order through Amazon!

Check it out:

Thanks for your support!


Blurring The Edge Has Been Accepted By Ramingo’s Porch Literary Magazine!

May 15, 2018


Hey, everyone! I’m excited to announce that my short story: “Blurring The Edge,” has been accepted by Ramingo’s Porch Literary Magazine! It’ll appear in Issue # 3 later this year! That makes three short stories appearing in print and online this year alone!
“Delirium Tremens”/
“Ashes & Embers”/Orcs Unlimited Games
“Blurring The Edge”/Ramingo’s Porch
Thanks to all of the awesome editors at Ramingo’s Porch. “Blurring” is a dark story which juxtaposes two very taboo subjects (masturbation and suicide), but they’ve proven themselves to be devoted to publishing good literature, no matter the theme and style. If only more publishers were so inclined!
Thanks also to everyone who continues to support my work.

Ramingo’s Porch (Promo Vid)

December 28, 2017

Hey, everyone! I finally got my contributor copy of “Ramingo’s Porch, Issue #1,” featuring my short story: “Lucifer In High-heels!” Here’s a short promo vid I made for the magazine:

Thanks for watching!


In Spite Of Her Will @ The Borfski Press!

March 21, 2017

Hey, everyone! I’m proud to announce that my short story: “In Spite Of her Will” will be appearing in The Borfski Press’s second issue. Borfski Press is a fairly new online lit-mag. You can check them out here:

I’ll post another announcement once Issue #2 is published.



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